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    A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy meal

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    Try our mouthwatering vegetarian meals

We encourage a healthy living and a change of lifestyle that includes eating healthy meal. Orissa Garden’s restaurant, The 5 Elements is the first restaurant in Pampanga to serve all vegetarian meals, best tasting and mouthwatering (you wouldn’t even know they are made of vegetables)
The 5 Elements restaurant would like to change the people’s impression that eating healthy food is boring. In fact, eating vegetarian dishes does not only promote healthy mind and body, but is also an effective way to lose weight without starving yourself and getting involved with diet systems.
In order to support those who are into healthy food, The 5 Elements restaurant also offers catering and delivering lunch / dinner packages. For more information visit our contact us page. VIEW MENU HERE.

Orissa Garden offers Transport Service from Angeles City.
Ordinary Service – Php 300
No Aircon
Minimum of 6 pax

Special Service – Php 500 Airconditioned
Minimum of 5 pax
  • Vegan /Vegetarian

    The Five Elements Restaurant offer variety of vegetarian cuisines (Mock Meat) that you will truly love. We are serving 100% vegetarian but great tasting –meals with a number of benefits to your health. A healthy diet will not only prevent future illness, it will also enhance life expectancy.

    To find out more about our dishes, check our menu.

  • Catering

    The Five Elements Restaurant accepts catering services. For more information, please contact us.

  • Lunch/Dinner Package
      Package Lunch Php 500

    • Vegetarian Menu : Mongo top ensalata, Fresh lettuce wraps, pork barbeque, chicken curry, soup for the soul and brown rice
  • Products & Herbs
    • Herbs for Health
    • Natural Vitamins
    • Live Enzyme Juice
    • Coco Honey
    • Charms and Amulets
      For Good Luck
      For For Business
      For Energy
      For Protection
      For Love and Beauty
    • Foods

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