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Orissa Garden of Wellness

About Us

There are hospitals for patients with diseases, and clinics where people grappling with depression go for treatment. There are spas for tired bodies and houses of prayer for troubled minds, and then there’s Orissa. This garden of wellness high up on the slopes of Mount Arayat is the only place in Pampanga that combines all these for a holistic approach at treating people with all sorts of ailments and complaints. Healthy visitors are also invited to try alternative methods of preventing disease.

Orissa offers a simple and relaxing regimen of diet and therapy that goes to the very source of a person’s illness. Cancer, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc. can be cured by restoring a person’s mental and spiritual balance. We recognize the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit, which is why we promote the health and well-being of not just one but all three. It’s what makes Orissa different from the rest.

We don’t call our guests patients. We call them students, because we teach them how to heal themselves. The truth is, they are the healers of themselves. The power is right there within themselves, and Orissa will only help them bring it out.

Orissa is the result of years of research and travel around the world, particularly India and Tibet, where she studied how monks and holy men achieve balance and enlightenment.

Located at Ayala in Magalang town, Orissa Garden of Wellness draws its source of life and energy from Mount Arayat, literally and figuratively, because we breathe the wind, eat the fruits and crops, and drink the water coming out of this mystical mountain, considered the home of the Kapampangan mythical god Sinukuan.

Patients and guests can stay overnight, over the weekend or for the entire week, depending on their package of choice, which includes spa services (massages, scrubs), vegan and vegetarian diet, herbs, natural vitamins, alternative healing, detox programs, yoga, meditation, life-coaching and counseling, prayer and spiritual retreat. Orissa has villas, function rooms, and dining areas for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Orissa also offers workshops on yoga and meditation, organic farming, raw food preparation, vegetarian cooking, juicing and herbals, as well as activities that feed the soul and promote creativity, like poetry and song writing workshops, painting sessions, film appreciation, book club, dance and theatre.

The Orissa Garden of Wellness can be reached by private vehicle and public transport (P50 tricycle fare from town proper) using the road to the Pampanga Agricultural College (PAC) in Brgy. Ayala, Magalang town.
Orissa’s location is one of its main attractions. We’re not that far to be inaccessible, but far enough to enable our guests to really leave their worldly concerns behind.

For inquiry and reservation, contact Orissa at .nos, 0923 658 2523 ( Sun ), 0915 290 2947 ( Globe ) and 0999 791 0683 ( Smart ) and email address: info@orissagarden.com.