Healing Services

Healing Services
Vitamins and Minerals

Orissa Garden offers Transport Service from Angeles City.
Ordinary Service – Php 300
No Aircon
Minimum of 6 pax
Special Service – Php 500 Airconditioned
Minimum of 5 pax
    • Alternative Health Treatments
      • Hip BathThe best treatment for stomach related issues, discomfort in the lower part of the body and hormonal imbalance. The hip bath allows a better flow of blood and help keep these affected area clean.
      • Spine BathThis treatment gives a calming effect on the target area, the spinal column including the nervous system. It is recommended for people who suffers from insomnia.
      • Kidney BathThis treatment is designed to rejuvenate the kidneys. After the kidney bath, the patient will sweat more. This is what is needed to help release the toxins in our body.
      • Herb SoakThis treatment not only decongests the body from all the accumulated toxins, it also helps reduce stress, soothes skin and gives a relaxing sensation.
      • Fasting
      • Reiki (Promo Php 1800) It was originated in Japan, and is commonly known as palm-healing. it is meant to unblock the spiritual centers of the body and restore the energy to its natural flow improving overall health.
      • Crystal HealingPrecious gem stones are used to align the imbalance in our body and mind. It helps address issues that cause disease and also produces harmonious connection.
      • Emotional Health
      • Spiritual Centering
      • Special MantraFor health and success
      • Chakra AlignmentOpen up the spiritual center of your body which we call the chakras and achieve a more balanced mind and body connection. Chakra alignment also works in development of our self-consciousness.
      • Light & Sound TherapyFree your body from the illness and imbalances that you are experiencing. This therapy kills the unwanted and negative vibration in the body that causes sickness, helps you relax and experience less anxiety. A detox program is always recommended after the light and sound therapy.
      • Foot Ion DetoxAn effective way to draw waste and toxins from the body through our feet. It is recommended to prevent gout, kidney issues, diabetes, hyper tension and other health disorders.
      • Magnetic Energy Healing (Promo Php 2500)
      • Crystal Balance Therapy (Promo Php 1800)
      • Aura Cleanse and Light (Promo Php 1800)
    • Detox Program
      Our Yoga and Meditation Program can be also being one of your options. You just have to add Php600 /pax and our a Holistic Health Programs:

      • Magnetic Healing Therapy (Php 2,700)
      • Magnetic Energy Healing for any Sickness (Php 3,600)
      • Crystal Healing Therapy (Php 3,000)
      • Chakra Balance Therapy (Php 3,000)
      • Spiritual Cleansing (Php 4,500)
      • Spiritual Cleansing w/ Magnetic Healing (Php 6,000)
      • Holistic Health Program (Php 3,000)
      • Holistic Health Consultation (Php 1,000)
      • Colon Cleanse Detox (Php 3,600)
      • Zapper Programs (Php 500 / program)
      • Package Holistic Detox and Zapper (Php 8,000 / session)
        (Colon cleanse, Zapper and Accu-pressure)
      • Weight Loss Program 10 Days (Php 72,000)
      • Liver and Gallstones Detox 7 Days with Zapper Programs (Php 18,000)
      • Kidney Detox 10 Days (Php 60,000)
      • One day Package (Php 10,000)
        Detox Program, Sound and Light therapy, Accu-Pressure Massage, Healthy food and free health consultation.
    • Food Nutrition
      • Raw Food Diet
      • Juicing
      • Herbs and Teas
      • Water Therapy
      • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Psychological Health
      • Yoga Meditation
      • Yoga Asanas
      • Neuro Linguistic Program
      • Sound Therapy
      • Aroma Therapy
      • Life Coaching & Counselling
    • Weight Loss Program
      • Weight Loss Program 10 Days (Php 72,000)
      • 12 Days Colonics with Power Herbs (Php 25,000)
      • 2 Hours Zapper Program (Php 500 / hour)
      • Reflexology (Php 450 / hour)
      • Body Manipulation (Php 600 / hour)
      • Chakra Balancing (Php 1,200 / session)
      • Magnetic Energy Healing with Crystals (Php 1,800 / session)
      • Hip Soak for Hormonal Imbalance (Php 1,200 / session)
      • Herbs and Supplements (Optional)
      • Yoga and Meditation (Optional)
      • Juicing (Php 120 / glass)
      • Raw Food Diet (Optional)
      • GallstonesDetox Program (Php 25,000 / 10 days)
        Beam Ray, Colonics 3 sessions, Herbs n Supplements, Juicing, Formula 1 and 2 Flush, Reflexology, Food
      • Kidneys Detox Program (Php 45,000 / 15 days)
        Kidney 7 Herb Soak, Zapper /BeamRay, Reflexology, Juicing, Herbs n Supplements, K Formula Power Flush
      • Complete Detox and Balance Program (Php 90,000 / 28-35 days)
        Colonics, Gallstones Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse, Herbs n Supplements, Reflexology, Juicing, Chakra Balance, Magnetic Healing, Spine Bath, Yoga and Meditation, Zapper/Beam Ray Programs
    • Suala Yoga
      • Yearly Membership Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Php 8,000.

        Inclusive of:great discounts on monthly rates
        great discounts on spa services, restaurant services, and accommodation at Orissa Garden of Wellness
        unlimited use of the Shalla for meditation and self-practice
        30% discount for a personal one-on-one yoga session

      • Group Rates:Small Group (5 – 10 persons)

        Php 5,000
        Additional Php 350/head if more than 10 individuals

        Group of 25 people

        Php 12, 000
        Additional Php 350/head if more than 25 individuals

        Student Rate

        Php 100/student
        Minimum of 40 people

        Barkada Rate

        Php 1,500 for a group of 10 people

        Corporate (for companies like call centers and such)

        Php 25,000 (maximum of 50 participants)
        Additional Php200/head if more than 50 people

      • Monthly Rates (consumable for 1 month/30 days):12 Sessions

        For members: Php 2,500
        For non-members: Php 3,500

        Group of 25 people

        For members: Php 2,800
        For non-members: Php 5,000

        Per session (regular rate): Php 350/head

      • One-on-one Yoga Sessions (Personalized):     For members: Php 800/session
        For non-members: Php 1,200/session
      • One-on-one Yoga Sessions (Personalized):     For members: Php 800/session
        For non-members: Php 1,200/session
      • Therapy Yoga w/ consultation:     For members: Php 1,800/session
        For non-members: Php 2,500/session
      • Yoga Nidra:     meditation thru visualization
        same rate as yoga ; applicable for a class/group

        Self-Healing Meditation: 1 and a half hours duration
        Breathing Meditation / Pranayama

    • Orissa Holistic Garden
      • FOOD

        Orissa Holistic Garden RestaurantOrissa Holistic Garden Restaurant serves only holistic Sattvic foods. Experience a garden to table sumptuous at the same time nutritious dining with us.

        Our concept is not only to nurture one’s physical body’s health, but as well as to enjoy nature’s gift of life or chi.

        In Orissa we grow our own organic vegetables and fruits from our garden and water them only with fresh mineral water that comes from Mount Arayat.

        We believe that food plays an important role to one’s health. We also believe in preventive medicine. Health is more than wealth, come and let us unite in promoting good, happy and a healthy long life.

    • Orissa Holistic Therapies
      • Aroma Therapy with Organic Essential Oils
      • Scent plays a very important role in our daily life.
        Aroma therapy has been used centuries ago by Kings and Queens in Egypt, to purposely separate themselves with distinction – through the scents that they use and scents that they forbid others to use. In temples, churches, mosques, to name a few, you will be greeted with aromas – incense, burners, oils and many other forms or products that produces scent.

        Orissa uses aroma therapy essential oils to address different health issues – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, using specific therapeutic oils and applications.

        The greatest love of all is to love yourself. Gift yourself with our amazing and calming Aroma treatment, and see the difference.

        Duration: 1.5 hours

    • Body Manipulation / Holistic Massage
      • 1. Namikoshi
      • Namikoshi, is an anti-stress head massage therapy, originated from Japan. It was created to reduce mental stress and to promote good sleep to clients. It is also an alternative healing method to those who have problems with memory and focus.

        Duration: 45 minutes

      • 2. Foot and Hand Acu-Pressure
      • Acu-Pressure or Reflexology, has been practiced by many for decades in China, Korea, to name a few. It stimulates the major organs of the body and detoxify at the same time. It promotes better blood circulation, relaxation, enhances the digestive system and lymphatic system, and reduces internal pains and aches.
        A regular Acu-pressure therapy, will help tremendously in balancing all the major systems in the body.

        Duration: 45 minutes to an hour

      • 3. Calm Massage Therapy
      • To achieve a total wellbeing, our mind and body should be put to rest – even for a short period of time. By doing so, it will recover from all the work and stress it encountered during the days. If you want to live a happier and positive life, we recommend to include this therapy in your lifestyle.

        Duration: 1 hour

    • Chi / Life Force
      • Chi or Energy, is what make us alive. It is a necessity that our energy flows smoothly and as well as the light that it carries – in our entire system. A blockage in the path of energy, can cause a major health issue in our physical body, mental and spiritual state of being.
        Chi comes from different sources. Food is one of its source, but the highest chi, comes from the mystical or divine world. A world that is beyond man’s comprehension but the most powerful and knows no limitations.
      • 1. Orissa Magnetic Divine Healing
      • is the best therapy that everyone should experience. A dramatic change in one’s state of consciousness can be felt immediately after the session. It usually requires ten full sessions to achieve optimum reward from this heavenly healing therapy.

        Duration: 1.5 hours

      • 2. Chakra Alignment and Balance
      • Chakras are the spiritual centers of the ethereal body – the body that we do not see but feel. It is essential that our chakras are always aligned and balance, to avoid future health issues – mental, physical and spiritual.
      • 3. Crystal Clear Therapy
      • Crystals are believed to have healing components and properties in them. Decades ago Egyptians used crystals to address different kinds of health related issues – ie. Pulverized crystals to treat stomach related issues and as disinfectant for wounds, to name a few.

        Crystal stones have the ability to absorb and emit energy. It can give healing vibration from the physical level up to the ethereal level, bringing forth a deep sense of internal peace and rejuvenated body.

        Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

    • Detox / Toxins Flush
      • Every day in our waking hours we use all the body system to function properly.
        Innovation in food industries has been growing, thus the quality of the food produced suffers.
        Food should be grown in its natural environment and not altered from its natural state. With the growing popularity of fast foods and GMO products, the importance of eating well was completely abandoned. Most people now, eat to get filled up or eat for the taste, not putting awareness on the content of the food.
        To prevent further damages to the physical body, Orissa offers detoxification therapies for specific issues which needs to be addressed and restore it to its natural good state.
        Our detoxification programs are also recommended to those who wants to lose weight, to those who wants to look younger and to those who wants to have beautiful and radiant skin, at the same time.
      • Orissa Holistic Detox Programs:
      • • Liver Detox
        • Gallstones
        • Kidneys
        • Colon Cleanse
        • Natural Chelation

        Duration: Please consult our holistic healer

    • Holistic Health Programs for Individuals and Group
      • 1. Yoga
      • Yoga means union. Union of the mind, body and spirit or soul for others.

        Yoga is one method of achieving a holistic wellbeing. Through asanas, pranayama, meditation and its other school of discipline, inner and external balance and harmony will flow effortlessly. With a regular practice of Yoga, expect a renewed and more peaceful state of consciousness, physically, mentally and spiritually.

        Duration: 1-2 hours

      • 2. Meditation
      • According to Acharya guru ( a jain spiritual master ) of Rajasthan, India, when we pray we communicate with God or to the Supreme Being, and in meditation – God communicate with us.

        In Western belief, meditation is a form of quieting and resting the mind, which translates to mental relaxation and a sense of calm, also in the physical level.

        Meditation has been proven its effectiveness – even in the medical world, for treating different kinds of imbalances and illnesses in the body. It could also be used to enhance brain memory, focus, balance and intuition. In Buddhism, meditation is used to connect to the core of oneself and to the source of its light or our Creator.
        Our meditation programs are customized, on the basis of our holistic healer’s recommendation and client’s need.

        Duration: 45 minutes

      • 3. Holistic KIMUT Dance Therapy
      • Kimut is a Kapampangan word which means small body movements.

        Kimut is a therapy which was created by two experts on holistic health, Riza Lim ( HHP, CNC, CMH) and Albert Dimarucut ( Human Kinetics teacher and Psychologist ).

        Kimut is an alternative healing method for the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Going through the Kimut program, means that the tensions in the body gets released, resulting to physical calm – while the mind opens up itself inward – surrendering to Pratchyahara – the gate to eternal bliss.

        Holistic Kimut dance therapy has been used to children with special congenital conditions, seniors with dementia and depression, clients with health and mental concerns, students with focus and mental stress issues, and for preventive medicine.

        Holistic Kimut Dance Therapy was presented at the CID UNESCO ( Council for International Dance ) in Mumbai, India, on December 9, 2016. It is accredited by the CID UNESCO as one of the most effective dance therapy in the world.

        Duration: 2 hours ( Individual )
        Full Workshop: 2 days
        Basic Kimut Teacher Certification Program: 150 hours, 2 weeks

    • Orissa Holistic Workshops
        • 1. The Art of Healing Through Crystals Workshop
        •      Duration: 1 week


        • 2. Golden Hands for Divinity
        •      Duration: 7 days


        • 3. Exploring Your Inner World ( Intuition Development )
        •      Duration: 3 days


        • 4. Basic ESP ( Extra Sensory Perception )
        •      Duration: 3 days


        • 5. Reiki ( Universal Energy Healing )
        •      Duration: 3 days


        • 6. Yoga Retreat
        •      Duration: 3-7 days


        • 7. Renew Refresh Rejuvenate Retreat ( Detox, Yoga, Holistic Food )
        •      Duration: 5-7 days


        • 8. Holistic Team Building Program ( Self Healing, Stress Management, Goal Setting )
        •      Duration: 3 days


        • 9. Holistic Vegan / Vegetarian Preparation
        •      Duration: 1 day


        • 10. Holistic healing teas and juicing preparation
        •        Duration: 1 day


        • 11. Holistic Orissa Food Preparation with Nutrition lesson
        •        Duration: 2 days


        • 12. The Wonderful World of Herbs for Health
        •        Duration: 3 days


        • 13. Aroma Therapy with Essential Oils ( Healing through Aromas )
        •        Duration: 3 days


        • 14. Music Therapy
        •        Duration: 3 days


        • 15. Poetry Writing
        •        Duration: 3 days


        • 16. Basic Painting
        •        Duration: 3 days


      • 17. Soul Dance
      •        Duration: 3 days

  • Orissa Holistic Natural Therapy Programs for Specific Health Concerns
      • 1. Cancer
      •      Duration: 30-60 days


      • 2. Diabetes
      •      Duration: 41 days


      • 3. Anxiety & Depression
      •      Duration: 9-21 days days


      • 4. Insomnia
      •      Duration: 7 days


      • 5. Mental and Emotional Issues
      •      Duration: 9-21 days


      • 6. Spiritual
      •      Duration: Please contact our holistic healer


      • 7. Life Coaching
      •      Duration: 1 hour / session, 30 – 90 days


    • Other Health ( Mind, Body and Spirit ) Concerns: Please email us at
    • info@orissagarden.com

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